Monday, May 25, 2009

Shopping nightmares

Through the years I've developed a certain kind of love & hate relationship with shopping. Love part mostly refers to buying gifts for friends and family on my travels while the hate part more or less covers all the other occasions.

Especially when I know exactly what I'm looking for, which is in most of the cases. And all that because for some weird reason I don't want my clothes to be polluted with roses, butterflies, sculls, shiny and glittering shit or phrases like: "Bitch", "2 hot 4 U" or "Sexy".

So usually I would spend waste several days looking for a specific piece of clothing. What usually happens is that I:
  • don't find what I'm looking for,
  • find it but not in my size,
  • find it but in all the wrong colors,
  • find it in the right colors and size, but it looks awful on me.
Afterwards I could really use a drink, a massage or a therapist. Possibly all three.

This time I got lucky. After few attempts of trying to buy short pants, I finally got them - at men's department. The salesman didn't forget to kindly point that out several times and tried to offer me an "equivalent" female model. It was much shorter and what a surprise pink.

I'm sure they would go nicely with my tiara and baby blue high hills but somehow I found strenght to say no. After all Barbie might eventually claim her clothes back.

So I got these instead:


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kejt said...

Odlično, klap klap! :)
Čim več kratkih hlač in golih kolen!

petrapegi said...

Kako zelo se poistovetim s temle postom. No, bi jst dodala še točko, da ko najdem primerne hlače, imam s sabo kolegice, ki so oh in sploh fancy, in se pritožujejo kako zelo nisem ženstvena. Phhh! Kr neki.

Drugače pa ... hlače so res "pain in the ass", ko iščeš kakšne. Prej naletim na 4.088 parov čevljev, ali pa majic, kot pa da najdem ene normalne hlače. :/

Cherry said...

eh, fensi kolegice je boljš doma pustit ;)