Friday, June 5, 2009

Geeky pop hits

Since we are more and more affected by a number of different online coomunities, it's probably only a matter of time before it starts to reflect in popular culture.

Actually I am quite surprised that we weren't yet honoured with pop hits like:
  • Only a click away,
  • Skype me baby one more time,
  • Tweets for my sweets,
  • I will always digg you,
  • Jenny from the blog,
  • Staying online,
  • Master and server,
  • Crazy little thing called Facebook,
  • Do you really want to block me,
  • I said I didn't google you but I lied,
  • Fatal error seem to be the hardest words.
I'd love to hear those. Wouldn't you ;)?


jaKa said...

what do you mean, we weren't?! I know of a song "samo en klik si stran", which translates directly to the first item on your list! can't remember the artist who authored it, though ...

Lukc said...

Lots of the originals were bad enough. Now you want to add passing tech fads to make them obsolete even faster? :O gasp. It would make millions.

Cherry said...

@JaKa: Is there really? Are you sure it is a proper song and not just a jingle for singles dating service ;)?

@Lukc: Yes, by all means. I'm sure that Valentines day would get a whole new perspective with lyrics like:

"We were so happy that I was sedated
then you changed relationship status to "It's complicated".