Tuesday, January 27, 2009


If I would get 1 Euro for every time I heard: "You really gotta see London", I could probably buy myself a nice dinner. Or in these days more likely just a sandwich and maybe a smoothie. But financial crisis has its advantages - it is now much cheaper to travel.

So I visited London. Partly because of the "you really gotta" recommendations but mostly just to shut them up. At the first glance London is rather vibrant dynamic city, excellent for everyone who likes shopping & partying & various cultural events. Shows, musicals, movies, stand - ups, performances. You name it, they got it.

However the city is also somewhat individualistic, fast-paced and occasionally quite chaotic. The drinking habits problems are really beyond my understanding and so is the drop-off-your-garbage-anywhere attitude. Of course there's only so much sightseeing and partying you can do in few days. Even if you miss your plane back and stay an extra day.

Overall I must say I liked it - especially The Camden town and The Borough Market. I thought the Cockney accent was rather cute, even though sometimes quite hard to understand. I even liked the funny toilet water handles and the fact they drive on the wrong left side of the road.

London indeed is lovely. However, it isn't Berlin...


Anonymous said...

Totalno se strinjam s tabo! Meni načeloma ni bil takoooooo zeloooo všeč ... v Berlin pa se zaljubiš takoj.
Doriana (in Blaž se pridružuje temu mnenju):)

jotaeater said...

jah muska je, sej ni drugega, muska! :)