Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cosmetics with a concept

You know I'm a Lush lady, not only because their products are natural and are not tested on animals, but also because I won't put on my skin anything I wouldn't put in to my mouth.

If you're not really sure what all the fuss is about, maybe it's time to reconsider the largest breathing organ of your body. And if you're thinking lungs then your biology teacher probably needs a new job.

It's freaking hard to find a good cosmetic shop that satisfies all the criteria. But I did, even if it was by pure coincidence.

OrCa is the place where you can shop cruelty free (well, except the fact they still endorse the plastic bags). Their products are organic, not tested on animals and in most of the cases also vegan.

Not a breaking news, I know, but what really makes them different is that they donate a part of their monthly profit to animal asylum Horjul.

They also have a special box for extra donations with some material on taking care of your pets. Now that's what I call putting the money where your mouth is. Very neat, very sweat.

Also the shop is quite cute and I got my eye on few more things so I'm definitely coming back.

P.S There is also a downside - the coconut body milk I bought smells soooo nice I keep on sniffing my hand and putting off the weirdo detector. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Hej, veš, zdaj smo tudi mi dobili Lush v Mariboru. No, pa si mi naredila lušte še z enim "hudičem", haha. Super blog. Doriana Gray

Cherry said...

Wooohooo! Se pravi sta zdaj dva v Sloveniji =)

Nič, slej ko prej se bosta morala zategnit do Ljubljane na kak obisk ;)

jotaeater said...

eii hvala! sem ravno iskal podobne izdelke, ker je treba počasi pri vseh izdelkih za osebno nego preklopit na naravne.

Anonymous said...

Kaj pa pralni praški in mehčalci? Kak predlog? Doriana

Cherry said...

Doriana - v Sanolaborju se menda dobijo pralni oreški - čist naravna zadeva.

Jaz jih grem jutri iskat pa bom javila kak se obnesejo