Thursday, February 25, 2010

Confessions of internet user

As internet user there are some things I don't expect to happen when I visit a website. And by "don't expect to happen" I really mean "it annoys the hell outta me". For example :
  • the music that starts playing when I visit a website,
  • the music that starts playing everytime I refresh the page, even if I turned it off the first time,
  • the main navigation dissapears every time I visit any of the webpages,
  • pop up ads (possibly in flash with loud music) appear out of nowhere and follow my cursor,
  • special characters change in bizzare unreadable signs thus making the text completely impossible to consume,
  • having to read long text with few or no paragraphs,
  • having to read somebody's mindflow for 10 minutes before I get to actual information,
  • having to look for contact info for more than 10 seconds,
  • having to deal with the search field or e-form that doesn't work,
  • discovering the dead pages,
  • "news" that was refreshed a year ago.
Having a website is overrated. Unless you can take care for it properly, don't embarrass yourself by having a lousy one. This might also help.

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