Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fuck the pain away!

Nope, it's not about rebound, it's all about concert of Peaches in Berlin. Definitely one of the top 3 concerts ever, right after Rammstein.

It's hard to say what exactly was so great about it cause it was pretty much everything. Of course it also helped to have two rather lousy groups performing before.

Hawnay troof was some kind of funky wanna be Michael Jackson meets The Beegees. Only offtune. Rich lyrics included "You're my momma, I'm your brother/cousin?" and "I'm feeling it." So yeah, definitely not a keeper.

Snax was slightly better at singing,  but much better to listen to than to look at.  All that manic jumping on stage made me think someone underestimated their daily drug intake.

But then she came. Simply amazing performance, not just because of the costumes, stage diving, laser show and walking on our hands, but also because of extremely addictive energy. Yeah, I'm definitely a believer.

Sorry, no pictures this time. I was too busy jumping.


hawnay troof said...

those werent the lyrics.

Cherry said...

sory mate - it sounded exactly like that.

hawnay troof said...

its cool, i just want people to hate for non made up reasons

Cherry said...

to be honest - I didn't hate it.

The music was actually quite good. Just the singing sounded awful.

Dunno, maybe it was just us..