Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Germanwings FAIL

I made it to Berlin, unfortunately without my hamster. My first post here should probably be dedicated to glorifying the city, however I am still too irritated by Germanwings and their serious lack of information skills. Here's why:

1. I read the info on their website: So I got a note form the vet, my hamster is under 8 kg and is not in the category 1 restricted breeds. I just needed to make a phone call to "check" him in. According to this info I should pay about 25 EUR. Not really cheap but OK, I don't really have a choice.

2. The contact page is somewhat confusing as not all the call centers have the full numbers. After second week of trying to reach them on five different numbers and some effort trying to get the right number, I finally managed. The guy on the other side, supposedly empoyee of germanwings, said I need a note from the vet and 35 EUR which I pay at the check in. Ok, So maybe they raised prices because of the crisis.

3. I come to the check in, already check in all my luggage, including the cage, and then point at the hamster. Only then they told me that rodents can't travel with planes. And if I wanted to get the cage back I would surely miss my plane. Splendid. I swear I could hear Murphy laughing out loud.

So now I have the cage while my parents, only 700 km away, are stuck with my hamster. I would to complaint to them but there is no email on their website and I am too pissed off to spend money on calling them.

So dear Germanwings, we spent fun few years together but now it is time to move on and find something else. Because I deserve better :P


Dinozaver said...

Hamster could damage the plane. You don't want to be responsible for another air crash, do you?

jotaeater said...

me je tako pogrelo, da bi se najrajs usedu v avto in ti pripeljal hrcka :D

Cherry said...

hehehe - sej če bo vse po sreči, bi moral Štefan še ta mesec prispeti v Berlin.

Če ne, se pa priporočam seveda :)