Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Breakfast philosophy

I have a long history of "no sign of breakfast" behaviour. Sure, it's healthy and good for you but then again:
  • Coffe and cigarettes ARE breakfast.
  • Lunch counts as breakfast if you have it on empty stomach, right?
  • Why waste time eating, when you can sleep longer?
So yes, I had quite some difficulties accepting the breakfast philosophy. And on the rare occasion when I could actually have breakfast, my fridge contained only things which MacGyver could use to make some weird kind of weapon.

And then something magical happened. No, not really. My ex's father had a very strong opinion that everyone should have breakfast. It was pretty much impossible to avoid eating in the morning. Jumping out of the window somehow didn't come accross as a very appealing option at that time. So I gave in.

And here I am now, a proud breakfast eater. Not only that, I made a whole ritual out of it. There is no day without breakfast. What I am going to eat very much depends on how I feel in the morning. But most of the times one of these two options will do the trick:

1.) Feelin' chewy: boiled eggs, bread & butter & salt, freshly squeezed orange juice

2.) Not feelin' chewy: fruity smoothie


And since my housewife genes are apparently kicking in it is only a matter of time before I make a philosophy out of snacks :)


fairy said...

i used to just eat whaever i had in my fridge, but now i've discovered porridge and am addicted. i cook some oat meal in milk and add half a banana. it's great. you should try it some time :)

Cherry said...

I did, but didn't enjoy it much.

It's too chewy and too dairy for my taste.

fairy said...

lovely egg cups, btw :D

jotaeater said...