Thursday, February 19, 2009


I am probably not the only one who got the invitation to join the community Normally I would ignore this kinda things but this one was slightly different. It was supposed to be owned by its members, meaning you becoming a shareholder if you sign up.

So I did the same thing as many others and used the "what have I got to loose" criteria. After all it only takes a few minutes and the thing could get real big one day and be worth millions. Like Google, right? Wrong.

Before I could start spamming inviting my friends I forgot my password. Yeah, it happens when you're not writing things down. I tried the "forgotten password" link and got email saying "Your password is:" but not really giving me one. There were also some other very interesting basic things missing in the content (e.g. blank space instead of my username and asking me to reply to Every time I tried it.

Right. So they didn't test their SGE. I sent them e-mail through their contact e-form, even though it has some usability issues and was apparently not tested on different OS. They promise to get back at you in 24 hours. It has been almost a week now. Well, I guess we should have synchronized our watches first. My bad.

So as much as I wish for everyone to get a lot of money out of this and laugh at my skepticism while they're sipping margaritas on their private beach in Tijuana, I can't help wondering. I am not particularly good at math but how much can you possibly earn out of a website that was launched and advertised without sorting out basic development and usability issues?

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