Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Better Than Heaven

There are some things that simply nothing can spoil for you and there are some bands that you want to see no matter what. And yesterday's Bloc party concert was definitely one of those situations. No wonder it was sold out.

Chaotic crowd, lack of air, sweaty strangers pressing against you, people jumping and dancing pushing around. Disturbing? I couldn't care less. We were all united by one wish - to see them live. And we were not disappointed.

The concert was spectacular and far beyond anything I imagined. Banquet, Like eating glass, Modern love, Song for Clay, Hunting for witches, One month off, Ares, Mercury and many more.

Soooo much energy, so much sunshine and such an excellent music! It was definitely one of my top 3 concerts ever. Completely surreal and I want to see them again.

And if you feel bad about wanting to go but not going, you shouldn't. I lied. You really should. I swear I felt love.


jotaeater said...

res ja, ljubezen je bilo čutiti v zraku!!!

Pina said...

vaaaa fouš-fouš-fouš! :)

fairy said...

rub it in, why don't ya =)

Cherry said...

Evo za okus en mini video: