Monday, April 21, 2008

My favorite positions

Sometimes you "plan" things in your life but don't manage to find time for them. It was like this with me and yoga until the time was finally right for me and the opportunity to start taking yoga classes just magically appeared. At first I didn't take it very seriously but eventually it became a part of my everyday life, a new morning routine.

After a while I was amazed by how great I felt on so many levels and how much easier it was for me to manage stress. However yoga is not suitable for everyone - namely depressed and introverted people might have problems when subconsciousness starts to work its way to consciousness. Nevertheless there are great lessons to be learned, like not pushing yourself over the limit, taking time for things and accepting the change as part of life.

But of course there are also less deep things about yoga that give you pleasure. Like being able to do these cool positions with your body (photos by Maabee):


Pada prasar pachimottanasana

Supta Vajrasana


Anonymous said...

i have to say i have mastered the lying-on-bed-repetitively-moving-hand-with-food-to-mouth position. does that count? :)

Cherry said...

Hehehe, maybe in the United States ;)?

Petra said...

Hmm I wonder how naughty you must be to give that kind of title?
But ok, it's just about yoga... :))

Cherry said...


jotaeater said...

mene je tut nasov skor zavedel :) dobr obvladaš, lahko bi bil naslov gibčna češnca ;)