Friday, April 4, 2008

Berlin, part two

People would often tell me they've heard about Berlin and ask me what is so special about it. Well, of course there are things like wonderful multicultural environment, alive atmosphere full of art and happening and quite low expenses of living but that's not quite it. What makes it special is something, you can't really put your finger to - that unique feeling this city gives you. Hard to explain yet so easy to experience.

Naturally I have my favorite places I always go to but I am also quite keen to discover new ones. Most of them are of course in the eastern part, around Kreuzberg. This year I made some extra markings on my personal map and added a cool alternative club and a rock bar - definitely places to visit next time.

But what impresses me the most (besides their massive fascination with bears) is the amount of cultural variety that manages to co-exist. It's so not-Slovenian I immediately fell for it. Not to mention the costs of living are pretty much the same in Berlin as they are in Ljubljana. However, I have to admit there are things I don't like about Berlin:
  • weather is quite terrible, windy and colder than I'm used to,
  • food - German food is a big no no for any soup/salad fans - luckily they have loads of restaurants with just about any kind of food you desire (big sucker for Asian cuisine),
  • she's not there.

But enough about Berlin, you really should see and feel it for yourself. It's so close to home.

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