Friday, March 28, 2008


As you probably know tomorrow between 8 - 9 p.m. you can join Earthour campaign by turning your lights off for 1 hour. Sounds easy, doesn't it? But an hour without lights on ...Wonder what to do in the meantime?

Here are just a few suggestions:
  • make spin-off to "Blairwitch project" movie,
  • make customs out of old bet sheets, wear them and surprise your neighbors/flat mates,
  • have an evening of telling horror stories by the candle,
  • have a walk around the city to see how many people turned off their lights,
  • have a romantic candle light dinner,
  • make love.
Hope you'll make the best of it, I know I will.


Petra said...

Hey:) welcome back.

"have a walk around the city to see how many people turned off their lights" It's not that kinda typical Slovenian? :))

I will probably get drunk with my flat mates and then we will see who's more weird (I'm gonna win as always) :)...but that customs idea it's not bad also :)

Cherry said...

well, do make some photos or a nice utube video 2 share ;)

Petra said...

Are you crazy?!?!? On youtube, me, drunk???
My should see the video where I was talking about menstruation to one guy... :) It's like you would watch documetary film...ahaha So, nice video it's not easy to make:) Ok, maybe some "the nice ones" photos :))

samomojblog said...

well, i won't be home, so the lights will be off, i'll be watching a movie in CD, so the lights will be off there too. double trouble :)

kejt said...

actually, cherry, people DO wonder "so what do we *do* then if we switch *everything* off?!"
"well, have sex, for instance" was on the tip of my tongue, but since the thing was to be aired later on i managed to say something else... and boring.

Cherry said...

@kejt, actually I really liked your idea of seeing photo exhibition at Tivoli - but it is such a lovely weather today I think I'm gonna check it out before evening :)

@samojst - meditation would be nice too, but I'm afraid I can't sit still for more than half an hour without loosing the touch with my legs :)

Truefaith1963 said...

Walk around the city in the dark and see how many times you can get mugged?
Smoke alot of grass just before and then get really paranoid about whats hiding in the bathroom?

pina said...

Mi imamo earthour vsak dan, ko nam vrže ven elektriko za min. 1 do 2. uri, tako da so nam opisane metode nadvse domače. ;)
Ekološko ozaveščen turški pozdrav ...

Cherry said...

ah, kako fajn - pol imate vsak dan romantiko ;)