Wednesday, March 12, 2008

City of dreams

Only few days are separating me from seeing my favorite European capital again after a year. I think that's the longest period of Berlin abstinence in past 3 years and let's hope it doesn't repeat again.

I never believed you can fall for a city until I visited Berlin for the first time - even the tough German language sounded sexy to me afterwards. The kind of city that is full of life but still it gives you the opportunity to loose yourself in a nameless crowd. Irresistible, vibrant, unexplainable. I could definitely live there I hopefully someday I will.

Until then...

P.S. - Full Berlin report is to follow after I come back & get some sleep


Black Betty said...

Ja Berlin je res fajn in super mesto in prav lepe spomine imam nanj.

Uživaj dvojno še zame. Prav malce ti zavidam, da veš!! ;)

Cherry said...

Betty, veš da bom :)

Truefaith1963 said...

Good Luck Cherry!