Thursday, February 28, 2008


Almost every website has their FAQ's but only few make use of them. Many websites just have their FAQ's for the sake of having them. Now I'm sure people are thirsty for knowledge but are you sure they want to know everything from how you've started to how many animals Noe had on his Arc? When the number of your FAQ's rises above thirty, consider establishing a call help center.

Still some obviously assume their readers are complete idiots who go to FAQ page because they want to spend a lot of time reading about nothing. So don't you "click here" me if you want to keep my attention for more than 5 seconds.

In a blink of a second will get from frequently asked to fucking annoying. And that's not only on the internet! I'm certain we all have our FAQ's - questions we hear often but don't really want to. Sure, first you are trying to be polite and answer them, but as they keep on popping up you get slightly annoyed and less prepared to say anything more than: "Well, yeah, whatever. So what about that weather?" Of course some people will not stop at and it's very likely that their FAQ search end up with sentences like "Your momma!"

So far I've collected quite a few of FAQ's but I'm only giving you the top three:
  1. You don't eat meat? What do you eat then?
  2. You really think you're helping out anyone with recycling?
  3. How come you're still single?

So what are your FAQ's?


kejt said...

lovable :)

Truefaith1963 said...

So Cherry, are you dating?
Do we hear wedding bells? Surely there are lots of eligible young men in Lj????

Cherry said...

"Do we hear wedding bells?"

That depends on how close to the church you live ;)

Andy said...

1. have you graduated?
2. you have an earing?? (especially by people who have know me for ever)
3. why are you/your brother still single?


Cherry said...

O yeah Andy, you just reminded me on that ever-so-annoying: How's your studies? questions.

Grrr indeed

urbanapodgana said...

When will you give a grandchild? Is the coffee already made? Why do you keep screaming at me?

alcessa said...

Have you gained weight?
Why do you always stick your nose in books?
Why can't you wear something proper, like everyone else?
Don't tell me you don't eat meat secretly?
Why are you looking at those cevapcici so lovingly? Want one?

Anonymous said...

u,u,u i have one:
from mother, on Sunday, after she woke you up, plus you have a hangover:
It's 10 o'clock, why are you still sleeping???