Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Some statistics imply that most of people is scared of public speaking and death. It's probably not far from the truth, however I do believe what really scares us most is intimacy. Fear of opening up to another person, uncovering the weaknesses and showing who we really are.  Fear of not being accepted by others is nothing unusual since many are actually struggling with accepting themselves.

Once we put down our strong fences, built to protect us from pain, dissapointment and ourselves, we are left with naked vunerability and mixed emotions. How long does it take before we are willing to share it, knowing that there is no guarantee or protection from getting hurt? How careful can one be when opening up to people? How fast or slow should you do it? Is there the right way?

I don't know. But sometimes it is better not to ask too many questions. It's possible to get hurt, shattered or torn apart. Just as it is possible to feel something trully strong and special, even if only for short time. Going through life wihtout giving other people a chance to know who we are and how we feel is quite comfortable way. Probably not a very happy one. I'm not willing to give it a try. I want to feel.


alcessa said...

Well... It's the old question of who was first, isn't it? Hurt or mistrust, chicken or egg?

I prefer to shield my intimacy, too, but then, I have some damn good reasons. The so called school of life :-)

And then there's this one person I don't want to hide from so I don't. But what I do do, and I told him that, is I take some of the responsibility for opening up to him and thus inviting the risk to get hurt, unwittingly, unintentionally or even intentionally, if situation's that bad.

Haven't regretted any of it yet :-) neither the egg nor the chicken

Nick Taylor said...

Life is a gamble and then we die, while love (or the illusion of love) is about the highest we can ever get...