Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Polish seaside

While visiting Open'er Heineken festival I couldn't resist my tourist urges so I took a look at the nearby cities. I was impressed. Apparently Poland is not only affordable but also very beautiful. People were very nice, often offering to help me with my luggage.

GDYNIA - small city that I visited every day to have brunch, coffe and relaxing time at the beach. After discovering cute little Hollywood bar, it soon became my favorite place. Apparently not only mine as every day it was harder to get the table. Lunch and delicious latte for only 3-5 EUR? Abso fuckin' lutely!

Café Cyganeria, also near Hollywood, is a perfect place for coffee people. Tastefully decorated place with a long list of coffee, nice waitress and comfortable couches made me wanna sit there for hours. So maybe it was a good thing that I found it only the last day.

A small city with a huge promenade, famous crooked house and creative tribute to Roman Polanski on the beach. Because of the less salty see, swans are randomely floating on the water. Quite adorable.

Absolutely amazing mideval city, rich with beautifyl buildings, street life and cultural happening. Accidently I visited it exactly at the time of big floods. However all the broadcasting made me a bit confused as I saw no traces of flood, nothing even close to what was shown on TV. Weather was perfect and if I could I would stay there much longer. Gdansk is a definite must see and I would love to visit it again.

One the way back I spent the night at the cuttest little hostel in Warsaw. Hostel Zielone Mazsowze is well hidden in the building close to the central train station. Instead having that impersonal hostel feeling I felt more like I am staying at my friends flat. The receptor was very nice, helpful and understanding about my struggle with the entrance door in the middle of the night. To make things more interesting - NGO that owns the hostel, is involved in projects on sustainable development. I like them even more.

So that was my Poland. Absolutely worth seeing more than once. And if you decide to visit it, don't miss the oportunity to try pierogi, gofry and Zubrowka. Possibly in that order :)

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