Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Charming Chicago

Chicago is the city of art with a special charm. Whether is big names like Picasso, MirĂ³, great libraries, nice parks or local specialties like deep dish pizza, Chicago has it all. The misty atmosphere just adds to its charm. Spoiler alert: you won't get tanned.

Chicago by day
Chicago by night
Start of the route 66
The good thing about Chicago is that you can just walk around and discover artworks made by famous artists, like these:

Pablo Picasso: Untitled
Joan MirĂ³: The sun, the moon and one star 
Dubuffet : Monument with the standing beast
alias Snoopy in a blender
My favorite piece though is by Anish Kapoor. It's not that hard to understand why this piece attracts so much attention and is so popular among people.  Cloud Gate is basically a giant bean that mirrors the city, almost as if it was telling its story.

Anish Kapoor: Cloud Gate

Apart from a big amount of publically accessible art, Chicago's Art Institute and Contemporary Art Museum are real treats for art lovers. The Art institute has a good overview of American and European art with interesting exhibition while Contemporary Art Museum was one of the best ones I've seen. Inspiring artworks, creative and fresh approaches are backed by interesting explanations of the context.

Book lovers might want to check Chicago public library. It features many cool events and is set in a beautiful building, definitely worth seeing.

It's impossible to leave the city without trying their famous deep dish pizza. We tried the one at LouMalnati's but heard many good things about Giordano's. In fact several places in the city claim to theirs is the best and have some difficulties agreeing on who invented it. So you might just need to try them all and make up for youself.

Deep dish pizza

There is something special about Chicago. I am not sure if it's the art, the food or the people, but I know I would like to see it again. Till we meet...

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