Sunday, December 22, 2013

This year...

was amazing and tough at the same time. It toughed me that the best thing to do when you feel you're loosing control is to let go. It hurts less than trying to stay in control.

2013 was also insightful. I learned that home is truly where your heart is and that sometimes embracing circumstances benefits you more than trying to fight them.

It was my year of closures, personal and professional. Having more time to do what you love and be with who you love matters. It means cutting time when you're doing stuff that isn't so important and letting go of relationships that don't share deeper connection, letting go of people  that only see you as a resource. So this year I closed some big chapters to make space for the new. And the new came in many different and wonderful forms.

So overall 2013 was a great year but I won't hang on to it. For it is only a pebble in the way I choose to take.

As it is for new year's resolutions, I stopped making them some time ago. For what really matters is not the decisions will take but those I already took.

Happy 2014!

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