Sunday, July 1, 2012

CSI: Brussels

It was a just a bit after lunch when Luke, the guardian of law and order, was checking upon the streets of Brussels. Little did he know he was about to discover a crime that would keep him busy much longer than expected.

Around 2 p.m. when he was making his standard check his footsteps suddenly stopped. Just outside the building there were about 10 garbage bags that had no business being there. Although it was the right day and they were going to collect them next morning, Luke immediately knew something was wrong. It was not 6 p.m. yet and those bags had no business laying on the street at this time of the day. It looked bad and it smelled like breaking the law.

Luke was puzzled by many questions. Who put those bags there? Did they all belong to the same person? Will he have to go through tones of trash to find out the owner? Even though the building at the corner wasn't big, bags could have been put there by more or less anyone. 

With this amount of bags the crime could have been easily committed by someone's enemy. And clever crime that would be indeed, making your enemy pay the fine. He knew he's going to have to do the dirty job while the evidence was still fresh. He took out the gloves and dug into one of the slightly open bags filled with papers. "At least they recycle" he thought. This made his job much easier. 

Success was almost immediate and he was very happy he won't need to call the lab on their afternoon off. Amongst papers there were several ones with names on them and seems and one of the names matched the name on a doorbell. This was still not complete proof, but later on Luke would also check fingerprints on the papers.

It would take a bit more effort to figure out if the hideous crime of the early bag disposal was committed by the same person, but he already identified some similarities between the bags. Not only were they all equally heavy, they were all also closed in the same nonchalant manner - using duck tape. These days people really have got no manners anymore.

Luke made sure he marked each and every bag with a big red note. Sure, some might say it's only garbage and all there was to crime is making streets look uglier couple of hours earlier. Besides, there might have been heavier crime happening around the block. But Luke knew better how things go: it starts with wrongly disposed garbage and ends with murders and he wouldn't have any of it. It needs to be stopped at the very beginning.

About a week later, when fingerprints confirmed Luke's theory, the perpetrators would got official report that made it clear their crime didn't go unnoticed. Copies of incriminated papers would be included as indisputable evidence. This time it was only a warning, but next time they wouldn't get away with it.

Another day was saved by Luke and streets of Brussels were safe and clean again - well, at least the next morning when they collected the garbage. But the most important thing is that people of Brussels could go to sleep knowing that there was always someone out there making sure everything in order.
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