Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Glorious

To break a  too long break of no indie concerts I went to what sounded like promising night with Viennese indie rock band My Glorious. I bough the ticket on a hunch, apparently a good one. The night started with Brandenburg group The Pauls, which played solid commercial kind of indie, a bit leaning into pop, with a much too cheesy lyrics for my taste.

Then finally came My Glorious and were the glorious indeed. Properly dark melodies with equally dark lyrics, to which the singer referred as results of little explosions in his head. If we are to believe the title of their latest album "Inside my head is a scary place" we can be sure we won't be bored but will instead be fed some of the deepest intimate thoughts and fears that make us human. They proved repeatedly they own rock and roll as well as their audience. Communicative, witty, engaging and very good in improvisation. Needles to say I bought the albums.

Have a bit of the gloriously tasty indie yourself. And if you like it, drop me a line and I will share their latest album with you via Dropbox. After all, good things are there to share.


Anonymous said...

Hey Cherry, I'm wondering why you want to dropbox-share an album of an Indie Band you really like...if you like them, why don't you encourage people to buy it? From what you're writing it doesn't sound like they are well known yet, so I assume they're not rich and could use the money? Best, Lars

Cherry said...

Well, that's exactly my point. People are not very likely to spend money on bend they don't know. So I am offering to share one album and if the like it they can always buy the other one.

In this stage band probably needs more fans first.