Saturday, January 28, 2012

Money withdrawal in only 9 steps

Cash/ATM machines usually don't have highly sophisticated procedures and are generally quite easy to grasp. Three steps include entering your pin, choosing the amount and getting a receipt for it, when needed. This might be true for the big majority machines which differ merely in whether you enter PIN first or choose the amount first and then enter the PIN.

But not DEXIA machines. They are special. In fact they are so special that they manage to confuse you with completely arbitrary order, weird questions and additional request for even weirder confirmation. Kinda makes you wonder if this might be one of the reasons why DEXIA bank is now in so much trouble. The procedure to withdraw money from their machines is already quite long but I took extra few minutes to take photos of  what happens after you insert your card.

Screen #1 is of asking for your patience the one that appears at the beginning and after each time you confirm or type something.

Screen #2 is kindly informing you that you shouldn't leave your card after you took the money. You of course need to confirm you understood this by either pressing STOP on the left or OK on the right.

Screen #3 first shows machine's appreciation of your understanding and will to continue and brings you to the actually possibility of choosing the amount of money, you would like to withdraw.

Screen #4 Confirms the amount of money you want to withdraw

Screen #5 again informs you in big red letter what you should do if you happen to forget your card after the whole process is over. You might think this is all but you would of course be wrong. It is actually asking you for your PIN in a significantly less noticeable sign above the ugly one. Since the stars below appear to be there for merely decorative reasons and there are no PIN number longer than 6 digits, it is quite possible the whole procedure will be interrupted before you manage to do it.

Screen #7 is just letting you know the machine registered you entering PIN. It gives however no indication whether it has/will also accept it.

Screen #8 is again reminding you not to forget your card and at this point crossing the line from being thoughtful to implying DEXIA thinks their customers are complete idiots.

Screen #9 is the last one that gives you an opportunity to get your card back and avoid further messages. Unlike other machines this one doesn't simply spit out the card but makes you press very logical STOP button, to get it back. Otherwise you might, you know, forget it :)

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