Monday, November 14, 2011

Slovenia says yes to pedophilia and misogyny..

...but only if done by priests. In this case also sexual harassment will pass, probably along with almost anything else.

At least this are the conclusions drawn from the Slovenian High Court decision in the case the priest Slavko Å tefko who was touching several female minors on different occasions and different body party, including their genitals. He was already found guilty on the first level but the appealed and was despite witnesses of harassment and experts opinion now magically found not guilty due to lack of evidence. Their bright conclusion was that the touches weren't of sexual nature.

I see. So if I randomly go an grab someone's crutch, ass or any other body parts this is actually an act of affection, friendship and appreciation? I suppose in this case black eyes, rape and murder are then the ultimate proof of love.

This is simply way beyond sick.

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