Monday, September 12, 2011

Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg?

To me art is a manifestation of life, very often presenting itself as a product that reflects the artistic process. So when seeing art,  I always want to connect it to life.

This was however not very easy with some art pieces at Berlin's emerging art fair at Preview Gallery.  I'm not going to criticise it from artistic point of view as I didn't study art, I did however wonder how did they end up there. These for example:

I'm sure there must be someone who was absolutely thrilled with this pieces and wouldn't hesitate to spend ridiculously a lot of money to buy them just to be able to admire them in their living room every single day. I find them, well quite frankly very boring.

Then of course there were pieces that weren't boring but just disturbing, not in a good way that would make you think. Eye-stabbing colours put together, allowing me approximate observing time of 2 seconds. It's like bad 80's gone completely mad.

The most ridiculous one was just a set of boring black and white paintings with a dry tree part in the middle, and lots of broken glass on the floor. Not only do I not get the connection nor the concept behind it, I also think it's fairly dangerous.

But in the end there were quite some really cool and inspirational art pieces that made all the trip there worth while. My favourite one was a actually from Slovenian Gallery Alkatraz (3rd picture below), followed closely by bizarre statues, plants in light bulb's and Arjan Pregl's witty paintings.

I don't know about others but I appreciate art for inspiration and creativeness it has and gives and definitely not for being difficult to grasp. For this I already have loads of hardcore theory books and politics with all it's dose of daily disrespect and hatred.

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apis said...

The second picture is pure perfection.

Its author must be rich and famous.