Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Eating in Berlin

Eating well is essential part of any good city experience and after 2 years in Berlin I've discovered many nice snack and food places. Unless you got your heart set strictly on Currywurst, 1000 different potato dishes or classic tourist menus, you might want to try out one of them.

Nil is an absolute must for all the snack fans. This Sudanese snack place has for sure the tastiest Falafel like snacks. Their notorious Tamiya Haloumi (Falafel and grilled cheese) is just ridiculously tasty and for sure 3 EUR well spent. You might want to try also peanut soup or buy a jar of their delicious peanut sauce. Nil is also meat and vegan friendly.

Zeus is for sure the best  pida place around and you can notice its popularity by dozens of fans notes that are popped to the wall. Now I'm not sure whether the recipe is really following Turkish cuisine, but Zeus's pidas taste much better than any of pidas I had in Istanbul. Delicious snack for about 4 euros.

Datscha is a Soviet restaurant, open also late in the evening where good food usually meats good indie music. It's not the cheapest one but has really good breakfasts and in my opinion also the best Sunday brunch buffet in Berlin. Nice place also just to take coffee.

Sadhu is a Pakistani restaurant at Falckensteinstr., not far from Metro station Schlesisches Tor and remains my favourite restaurant. The food is not only absolutely delicious but also not at all expensive. The meals cost around 6 and 7 euros and are totally worth it.

Burgermeister is a hamburger place with supposedly the best meat burgers in Berlin. I've tasted only veggie ones and those aren't really worth mentioning, but the reputation of the meaty burgers has been confirmed several times by my meat loving friends. The place is hidden below the Metro tracks and opposite to Metro station Schlesisches Tor. It's also open almost whole night so it's convenient for night stops back from/to the party.

The White Trash is somehow a tourist place but still worth visiting every now and then because of the nice burgers. They have a good selection of creative yummy burgers, all available also in very tasty and juicy vegetarian version. If you visit it in the evening, you might catch some of the nice indie concerts.

ChénChè is a Vietnamese Teahouse that also serves tasty meals and nice fruity cocktails. With the open garden it's perfect for warm weather but inviting also in winter, especially because of their delicious home made teas. You will get the meal for around 8 euros.

Mustafa's Gemüse Kebap is a small Kreuzberg miracle - situated at one of the exits of Metro station Mehringdamm, it is very close to one of the popular Currywurst place. The only difference is the cue in front of Mustafa's stand is usually at least 10 meters long. However about 15 minutes of waiting is totally worth getting the best Kebap I ever had (originally vegetarian but meat versions are possible) with grilled vegetables and really good mix of spices. I'm getting hungry just by writing about it.

There's more to be discovered - it's surely a tasty task and I don't mind doing it.

To be continued....

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