Thursday, July 21, 2011

My last visit to the ZOO

There's something depressing about the ZOOs so I could never really convince myself to like them. All this animals, being taken from their natural environment for the sake of our own curiosity and entertainment is somehow decadent post-colonial idea of doing things without thinking about consequences.  It's like kicking someone in the back and saying you were performing a massage.

This is only the biggest, but not the only problem I have with ZOOs. The most annoying thing actually is they're full of people. This loud, nosy and unbelievably embarrassing species that is not at all aware that they are either loud, nosy or annoying.

I wonder what the animals actually want to do when people clap their hands or bang on the glass to wake them up, just to squeeze the best out of 13 euros entrance fee. It is a wonder that one of this animals hasn't actually lost it and started showering us with shit random objects.

Having to listen to a tourist screaming repeatedly kangaroo, kangaroo! for only about two dozen times, I was quite keen on doing some ass kicking myself. I am sure if kangaroos' could turn at his doorstep in the siesta time and started banging on the doors, screaming "Human, human, human!", his response would be much less decent than theirs.

So this was the last time I visited a ZOO. For my own mental health and for the sake of annoying tourist, not knowing they were not very far from being verbally harassed by one of their own species.

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