Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pills inc.

I don't like taking pills, mostly because I don't trust them. Having one relatively bad experience was enough, thank you very much. Being sick about one time per year means most of the time I get away with using only natural medicine and herbs. My favorite one is definitely herbal oil 31, the most useful medicine I discovered in the past 10 years.

There are however situations where this is not enough. Like flu. After several continuous attempts to cough my lungs out I exhausted all my natural resources. Finally I gave up and went to the pharmacy, where they sold me this. After reading the long list of side affects I found out that there were cases where this syrup was connected to emergence of severe skin diseases, such as Steven-Johnson Syndrome and Lyell Syndrome. One look at those pictures was enough. Of course they suppose the diseases would have appeared also without taking the syrup but they can't be sure. I guess the fact that it was on "special offer" should have told me something.

I  didn't take it. Instead I went to the other pharmacy, where I found out  they always offer 2 options - one being equivalent natural medicine. I came home with eucalyptus based capsules and so far the effect it satisfying.

Btw, if you happen to have a nice recipe for anti-flu home made medicine, please share.


alcessa said...

I love to drink ginger tea (I cut a piece of ginger root into small cubes and boil them for ... 10 minutes. Can't tell you anything precise about the quantity, but the more ginger you take, the better your infusion will be)

It will make you breathe easier and give you much warmth and energy.

Another perfect remedy to clear your nose/head is horseradish: you can actually buy a tube of horseradish, but it has to be of the "hot" variety, and then you simply sniff on it :-D I swear it works.

Cherry said...

I love ginger! This time unfortunately it wasn't enough. Besides making ginger/honey/lemon grass/lime tea I love this ginger and garlic based soup:

I'll start stocking horseradish stuff very soon. Thanx for the tip!

alcessa said...

Ouch, than it must be quite serious?

Actually, we buy some anti-flu-paracetamol thingies if things get that serious (Gripostad, usually, it is a powder, we use it to make hot drinks out of it - it alleviates general symptoms quite well, but it may make you a bit tired after a few days, so this is the point where you stop taking it. Sinupret forte is very good for making your nose free like a bird :-) - also, Salzwasserspray is good for a runny, itchy nose. It's just saltwater, but it's good.