Friday, November 19, 2010


Due to the recent terrorist alarm in Germany I noticed two things:
  • the number of armed & unarmed forces in Berlin stations and allover the city has significantly increased (for safety reasons),
  • all of the measures taken don't make me feel safe, they make me feel nervous.
Also I am not quite sure how security guards and heavily armed police would help in case there really was a bomb and it went off. Is this just another conservative trick to point the finger at the Muslims and immigrants while looking for a reason to justify recent xenophobic statements of Angela Merkel?

I'm not really sure anymore. If the Government would really want to protect people then it probably wouldn't choose to do it by spreading fear. Panic doesn't make people feel safe, it does however make them much more vulnerable and easy to manipulate with.


alcessa said...

I guess it is simply necessary to show presence at this point - maybe this way terrorist won't be able to plant the bomb or whatever it is they want to do unnoticed. And in the worst case, they can hunt them and help the wounded and the dead :-(

Since someone said that on the scale from 1 to 10, the probability of an attack is 9 :-(, my opinion would be this is due to information gained from intelligent service people and has nothing to do with any Muslim hatred.
Why I think so? Because this is the first time the public has been told to be careful in such clear words AND there are no elections to be won right now, apart from the fact that I don't believe any modern government can afford such publicity manouvres. Well, Americans can ("weapons of mass destruction") but Germans like to keep out of all this trouble, as you may know ...

I worry, too, though. We want to go to the cinema on Sunday and while Karlsruhe is really small, it has had its share of terrorist actions and you can never tell and my husband has to attend things in bigger cities and ... I worry, too.

Cherry said...

Very nicely presented argumenets and I do understand your point. Still when i hear from Berlin politicians saying things like - look around for suspicious arabic looking people - I do start to doubt what is actual purpose/message of this actions.

All of this just somehow doesn't feel very right.

alcessa said...

Yeah. Too bad there exist quite a few converted Germans who wouldn't mind planting that bomb, is it.

On the other hand, CIA and other services sent some descriptions of potential evil-doers and it turns out they must be more or less "Arab-looking" ...