Wednesday, September 1, 2010


It's exactly 1 year since I moved to Berlin and I have to say it was one of the best decisions of my life. I am enjoying my life more than ever, finally being able to write as much as I want and I can regularly feed my need for creativity. I love living with my with flatmates and  I <3 other friends I made in this year.

Yes I love it and I wouldn't change a thing! I don't think I can actually get happier than this. It's an amazing feeling, having a life you always wanted and  I would strongly reccomend it to anyone who is still hesitating whether to take that risk or not. Just do it, it's totally worth it and nothing else can really compare to it.

A year ago I was asking myself Where is home and today I know that my home is exactly where I am now. German language, harsh as it might sound, has a beautiful word "das Zuhause", that described home - the feeling, not the place. Ja, mein Zuhause ist genau hier :)


Urška said...

It seems that you are curently living the life I want to live one day...moving to Berlin is one of my bigest wish for years now, since I first went to this beautiful just has something that it takes you in..and once you go there, a few short trips, and than you settle there for ever...or FÜR IMMER :)

I can totally imagine myself living there, actually I can`t imagine myself living somewhere else in the future...don`t know what I am going to do there, how I am going to make this happen, I just know it`s going to happen...sooner or later! :)

Really, everytime I visit Berlin, which is at least two times per year, it feels like home there :)

Cherry said...

Oh yes Urška - Berlin is definitely a keeper.

Don't worry - when you'll feel you have to go I am sure you'll pack that suitcase and leave :)

rockstar said...

So you're not coming back? Ever? :o

Cherry said...

Ever is a bit strong word, but it seems like i am staying for a very long time.... I'll be in Slovenia again in december and I'm really looking forward to seeing you girls.

But also, you have to come to visit!

jotaeater said...

krasn post, res je lepo slišat, da si srečna!!!

MKL said...

Komm zurück, das Mutterland braucht dich. Alles ist aus den Fugen geraten seit du nicht mehr hier bist... ;)

Spaß bei Seite... freu mich sehr für dich, dass du dein Zuhause gefunden hast. Meins wird bald Taipeh sein und ich hoffe, dass ich in einem Jahr auch so frölich bin wie du jetzt.

Ich will auch nach Berlin eines Tages, Berlin ist definitiv auf meiner Liste der Städte, die ich sehen muss :)

Cherry said...

MKL, ich glaube Berlin ist wirklich zu verlieben, nicht nur zu sehen :)

Aber Taipeh klingt auch sehr interesant. Viel spass!